Commercial and Business Loans

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Business Loan Brokers

Business people need options. That is why our business loans come with fast approval and real choices.

We can finance the purchase of commercial or industrial properties or provide business equipment loans too.  

Owning your own premise may be possible, which can sometimes be cheaper than paying commercial rent. If you are looking for a commercial investment property there are loans available to meet your needs.

Business Equipment Loans

Often, upgrading or buying that piece of machinery can put you ahead of your competitors and make it easier for you to do business. If you need advice on a business equipment loan, such as machinery, cars, office equipment or more, then simply contact us today. There are different loan providers, and different processes for say a business car loan, compared to earthworks machinery finance. We can help make your application easier, and save you a lot of time and stress along the way.

Our electronic loan process, with limited paperwork is a fast, convenient way of applying for a new business car loan.

Whatever your business finance needs, we would love to discuss it with you. All you have to do is contact Paul today.

Looking for a Commercial loan up to $3 million?

Benefits of a 30 year term can be better cashflow and easier servicing requirements.  30-year loan terms are available against Commercial property, with most funds being used to:

  • Fund business expansion.
  • Invest in growth opportunities.
  • Manage cash flow with lower monthly repayments.

Secured business loans up to $1 million

If you have a track record of trading under your existing entity for the past 12 months, along with no tax owing and a great credit file then we have a straightforward process. A heads up on some documents needed are:

  • Statement of Position.
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS) no older than 4 months.
  • ATO Statement (issued in the last 12 months).

All lending is secured by residential property or commercial assets.

Self-Managed Super Fund lending

  • SMSFs can borrow money for the purchase of a residential investment property within the superannuation fund, with the property held in trust for the SMSF until the loan has been repaid.
  • The loan is a limited recourse loan which means the lender’s rights of recovery against the SMSF if the loan goes into default are limited only to the secured property.
  • Serviceability of the loan can be demonstrated through rental income from the investment property, contributions to the super fund and income of the superannuation fund. All serviceability must be through the SMSF.
  • Loans to be supported by personal guarantee/s from the beneficiaries (members) of the SMSF.
  • We seek confirmation from the SMSF Trustee that the credit arrangement is in line with the SMSF investment strategy.

For your SMSF lending needs connect with Cheryl to discuss further.

Legal Disclaimer
Your full financial goals & situation along with servicing requirements, would need to be reviewed prior to offer or acceptance of any financial product.